Tuesday, April 7, 2009


After struggling with the idea of writing a daily blog, I just can start after one exact week of residency in New York City. I could argue a lot of reasons for not doing it during the last 7 days, but definitely I was trying to settle myself in.

These entries are not intended to show what I am doing everyday. In other words, I won´t answer the “what are you doing?” question; that is something I’ll let for Twitter.com, although I am not one of its users and I am not planning to be part of that sort of “social network”. Instead, I will try to post some reflections on the things I’ve done through the residency agenda. That is why I can’t hold a blog based on days or organized in a chronological order; I will rather write it based on experiences I’ve been through, trying to create relations on some of the things I’ve seen and thought on the way.

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